She sparkles: An interview with Izabela Rabehanta

I am so excited to introduce you to Izabela. Izabela is my friend, confidante and all-around badass blogging motivation. I met Izabela eight years ago when she auditioned to sing in the choir for which I did some administrative work and a small amount of directing when our fearless leader was absent. Izabela stood outContinue reading “She sparkles: An interview with Izabela Rabehanta”

On Heaven and Dinosaur Poop

I like to imagine heaven. Sometimes it looks like the costuming department at a theme park. Sometimes it’s like being at a music festival, where big names like Mozart and King David are headlining. (This is one of my favorites. There is never a line for the bathroom and nobody is drunk. It’s fabulous.) IContinue reading “On Heaven and Dinosaur Poop”

What’s in a name?

I want to double down on something I said yesterday: There is a place in this world for your brand of quirky. – Lily Fields, modern day wise woman You are special. You are unique. You bring something to the table that no one else does. No one in all human history ever possessed theContinue reading “What’s in a name?”

The Red Line

When I started down the journey to live lighter, it was a practical study: we were four people living in the space which only two had previously inhabited and we needed more space. A bigger apartment was not in the cards, so if we wanted to not drown in stuff, then we needed to declutter.Continue reading “The Red Line”

On petticoats and minimalism

The purpose of things During our two week vacation, my scalawags and I spent an inordinate amount of time, very very very early in the morning at skateboarding parks. At four and five years old, their favorite activity is riding their bikes on ramps. Not too long ago, the eldest scalawag was given new glovesContinue reading “On petticoats and minimalism”

(Almost) a work of art

When the indulgent husband and I married nearly twenty-two years ago, we made an idealistic young-person vow to make our lives a work of art. If I have learned anything from my seven week foray into seeking contentment by buying nothing, it is that loving what I own is an artform. I am learning theContinue reading “(Almost) a work of art”

Where Is Your Treasure?

I am a numbers girl. It borders on obsessive, a fact about which I am equal parts embarrassed and proud. My inner geek gets very excited about Key Performance Indicators and Return on Investment. I love progress. I am motivated by seeing things move forward. This love of progress and forward movement is not wellContinue reading “Where Is Your Treasure?”