The Ambivalence Problem

On a good day I consider myself a mediocre parent. My idea of winning at motherhood is convincing my kids to clean each other’s rooms up as a “surprise” so that I don’t have to do it. Our lockdown homeschooling consisted of going to skateboard ramps and riding around and climbing on them. I calledContinue reading “The Ambivalence Problem”

No More Vicarious Living

Have you ever experienced, vicariously, the apotheosis of your deepest darkest longing? Who am I kidding? If you watched Must See TV on Thursday nights in 1995, then you saw Ross and Rachel kiss in the Central Perk coffee shop. You know exactly what I am talking about. If you ever watched Morticia’s wrist getContinue reading “No More Vicarious Living”


By setting out to write one article for each of my Ideal Life themes, I took this horse outta the barn. Because I am a rule-follower and finisher, I’m going to awkwardly try to ride it. It might be a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. I apologize in advance. I am a natural enthusiast. When I likeContinue reading “Sexuality”

Are you still there, Lily?

To: Miss Lily FieldsWoods of the Lake, Northeastern Ohio From: Mme L.F. Indulgent-ScalawagsAlsace, France Dear Lily, I’m worried about you. Please just drop me a line to let me know you are all right. Love,Mme Indulgent-Scalawags Lily Responds To: Mme L.F. Indulgent-ScalawagsAlsace, France From: Miss Lily FieldsWoods by the Lake, Northeastern Ohio Dear Mme Indulgent-Scalawags,Continue reading “Are you still there, Lily?”