Virtue: Heroism or Pretentiousness

A conversation with Charming Fields. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about virtue, but it’s a subject my indulgent husband and I have been talking about a lot lately! You met him on the podcast a few weeks ago, yes, he really does exist, and no, he does not sound like Pepe LePew theContinue reading “Virtue: Heroism or Pretentiousness”

You can’t fake joy

So…day 2 of trying to serve my family with joy was not so great. Firstly, my youngest is in a phase where he is waking up again at 5:00AM. Now that the two boys are sharing a room, this means my eldest is also waking up at 5:00AM. Only yesterday morning, my eldest was theContinue reading “You can’t fake joy”

Saying it out loud

As someone who lives, conservatively, more than 95% of my life in the space between my ears, getting out of my head can be an enormous, gigantic, ferocious challenge. I’m not bad with words. I mean, I overheard myself talking to my eldest about a school friend situation (oh! how cruel school friends can beContinue reading “Saying it out loud”

On a Date with My Baby

As I gushed over the weekend, my littlest guy turned five on Saturday. Five is a big deal. Five is decidedly no-longer-baby-boy territory. In the week prior to the big day, I was having all kinds of thoughts, but what caused me to ruminate the most was this: I was five years old when weContinue reading “On a Date with My Baby”


Influenceable. I had to check and see if that was really a word or not. Easily influenced would have been my first thought, but I wanted a word that sounded more like Influencer. This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I have a very very strong dislike of influencers. ThisContinue reading “Influenceable”

The Edge Pieces: Part Two

Yesterday, we took a look at the first part of the (non-exhaustive) list of virtues my indulgent philosopher husband and I propose as some edge pieces for the puzzle of your Ideal Life. Today and tomorrow, we are going to continue this overview. Get out your notebook: some of these you might want not agreeContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part Two”

The Edge Pieces: Part One

As you know, there is no quick, easy way to get a new puzzle started. We’ve got to simply wade into the mess: flip the pieces to the picture side, separate out the edge pieces, maybe consolidate a few obviously related pieces. It’s a process that takes time, but can be, if we are inContinue reading “The Edge Pieces: Part One”

What will they say about me…

In yesterday’s article, we established that in order to pursue for ourselves a life that holds personal, satisfying meaning, we need to take a few steps back and start intentionally defining what we want that life to look like. We said that our Ideal Life was like a puzzle, maybe even multiple puzzles, the piecesContinue reading “What will they say about me…”

The Philosopher Princess Presents:

The news that nobody wants to hear I was typing out an (entirely too long) Instagram caption last night to accompany a post about the Ideal Life theme of contentment, when I caught myself repeating the same thing I’ve been saying here about virtue, both about the virtues of courtesy and of peace: Contentment isContinue reading “The Philosopher Princess Presents:”