Coveting and the Toy Catalog Debacle

Do you remember last week, when I told you about a situation that went down with my youngest scalawag involving a stolen toy catalog and a kind of spiritual dressing down I got from the situation? Yes well, I would love to say that it ended there. But it didn’t. I am still parsing outContinue reading “Coveting and the Toy Catalog Debacle”

The Toy Catalog

I mentioned yesterday that I have been having deep thoughts lately about coveting. Notably, I have been second-guessing the premise of my entire year-long challenge. Have I, for perhaps my entire life, been confusing the idea of appreciating something I don’t have for coveting something I don’t have? The definition of “covet” is yearning toContinue reading “The Toy Catalog”

Proof of (Ideal) Life

My sister, Poppy and I were just recording our podcast and she mentioned something fascinating that really, really hit home for me. I think that you might relate. We were talking about the things we used to love when we were younger. I have long held that the things that made us sparkle when weContinue reading “Proof of (Ideal) Life”

You should really stop shopping! Part Five: Pain that feels good

As you know, I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl. I would have been better suited to playing four-hands piano with my sister in a Regency romance novel than just about any outdoor activity. However. However…there are times when life has made it impossible for me to stay on my divan embroidering flowers into linensContinue reading “You should really stop shopping! Part Five: Pain that feels good”

You should really stop shopping! Part Four: Partners in crime, at least for a time

I challenge you to imagine the things in your life of which you are most proud. Who are the people hovering in the shadows of those accomplishments? Very few, if any, of my personal achievements have been accomplished completely, entirely, utterly by myself. Even in the intensely intimate accomplishments that have been obtained with onlyContinue reading “You should really stop shopping! Part Four: Partners in crime, at least for a time”

A Time for Everything

I am a coveter, which is a weird admission to make. But I say it with all the seriousness of a person who might say, “I am an alcoholic,” or “I am a sex addict” or “I am a binge eater” (which I am, and is germane to the topic.) I made a decision inContinue reading “A Time for Everything”

The Unexpected Challenge

One thing I hadn’t considered very closely when I undertook this challenge to buy no clothes in 2021 has to do nothing at all with clothes. It has to do with the fact that I need to stop overindulging on snacks and stress-eating. Okay, so this does have something to do with clothes, in thatContinue reading “The Unexpected Challenge”

Always something new

Of my two scalawags, the youngest one is the one who looks and thinks and acts most like me. He’s overdramatic, but in a funny way. He has a flair of holding onto just the right expression and pulling it out at the most exasperating times (I am thus reminded of ever single time IContinue reading “Always something new”

Challenge Update: Week 4

Buy Nothing/Don’t Covet I bought nothing this week. This has been easy to get used to. I do not do moderation well. I like a nice firm limit like this, especially one that has a provable consequence. On the other hand, I struggled all week with my little (not so little) coveting problem. It allContinue reading “Challenge Update: Week 4”