A Zebra For All Seasons

At the risk of imagining myself one of those people who unboxes new toys for their millions of YouTube fans (about which I have zero delusions), or TikToks themselves showing off their latest thrift store haul, I do still want to tell you about how I came to possess not one but two zebra dresses.Continue reading “A Zebra For All Seasons”

The most effective way to do it…

At the end of April, I did my first ever seasonal wardrobe changeover. Keep in mind, I’m forty-four years old. I’ve been a grown-up for a very long time, and yet I had never gotten my act together to make my own life easier in this way. The Buy No Clothes in 2021 Challenge beganContinue reading “The most effective way to do it…”

What a summer engineer wears

Engineering my summer, project one details: The CPW Challenge The Venn Diagram As with many of my Ideal Life Themes, there is an overlap. For my first summer engineering project, I am going to tackle that ever elusive and unquantifiable issue of paranoia, and slap it down over my somewhat obsessive tracking of my closetContinue reading “What a summer engineer wears”

The Minimalist’s Wardrobe

What exactly is a minimalist? Based on what I see on the various Facebook pages I follow, this is a highly contentious question. I know what I think it would look like. I also know that it means different things to different people. There so many schools of thought on the issue: there are theContinue reading “The Minimalist’s Wardrobe”

Coming back to the surface

Once of the wonderful things about Mise en Place is that whether it is a habit that you do every single day for the rest of your life, or something you do on one-off occasions, there is always a benefit to doing it. It’s not like deciding to, oh, I don’t know, stop snacking betweenContinue reading “Coming back to the surface”

Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes

Before we continue our ode to Mise en Place this week, which we will be doing with intervention from my sister again on one of her favorite topics, that of pretty undergarments, and one of my favorite topics, wardrobe theory, I want to take a moment to give a quick overview of what we haveContinue reading “Mise en Place Cliff’s Notes”

The Inventory

I have mentioned this before, but at some point in my life I read that Princess Diana had an assistant who kept track of every outfit she wore, on what occasion. As someone who used to idolize Princess Diana, this little fact took on mythic proportions in my brain. I have scoured Google looking forContinue reading “The Inventory”

The Boudoir

I call it The Boudoir. I have called my closet The Boudoir everywhere we have lived since 2001, when the indulgent husband and I lived in Orlando, in an old building with amazing hardwood floors at 220 South Eola Drive. (I can speak with such liberality about our address because the building has since beenContinue reading “The Boudoir”

Plan What You Can, Roll with the Rest

A note from Lily: I am thrilled to introduce you to another member of my family! Meet Daisy! Daisy joined our family in 1993 when she married my dad. Daisy had two boys from her first marriage and ran her own graphic design firm. When she was getting started in her career, she probably neverContinue reading “Plan What You Can, Roll with the Rest”

Our Closets, Ourselves

What do the fashionista with a multi-room walk-in closet and undergarments to coordinate with every outfit, and the person living out of a suitcase with just enough clothes for this week have in common? They both wear clothes. Hopefully, you are probably somewhere between the options I suggested. Since we agree on this rather simpleContinue reading “Our Closets, Ourselves”