Vacations are never an easy time at Casa Fields. The two week winter break back in February, although punctuated by a brief period of respite for me personally, was overshadowed by an uncomfortable, nagging unpleasant attitude of negotiation. I’m not a haggler. I don’t care about making a deal. The sooner a transaction is overContinue reading “Negotiation”

The Ideal Life Round-Up: Wise Decisions

I am over here rolling my eyes because, when I first started my detailed explanation of the Ideal Life Exercise, it so happened that this theme was the first one I ended up writing about, in an article entitled, “Getting Bossy with Myself.“ I hated this theme then, and I still hate it now. SoContinue reading “The Ideal Life Round-Up: Wise Decisions”

Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition

It’s the long anticipated return of Poppy Fields! Poppy is here to tell us how a little Mise en Place can significantly simplify your end-of-year office office obligations, and how being on our best behavior at an office party can save us a bunch of heartache. Welcome back, Poppy! What better way to celebrate theContinue reading “Ode to Mise en Place: Office Party Edition”

Getting Bossy with Myself

“I should have known better.” This was my actual thought as I sat down to write this article. What should have I have known better, you ask? I should have known better than to announce yesterday that I would start illustrating the Ideal Life Exercises today, before checking which theme was on the calendar forContinue reading “Getting Bossy with Myself”