Can people be mistakes?

As soon as humanly possible after the first scalawag was born, I became pregnant with our second scalawag, and I did it on purpose. Can I say this, just between us? That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever intentionally done. There are all kinds of caveats to that last statement, notably, that my littlest scalawagContinue reading “Can people be mistakes?”

Darling Poppy: A Letter to My 20-Year-Old Self

A note from Lily: I am so excited to introduce you to my sister, Poppy Fields, seen here with the amazing, indomitable and indefatigable Jazz, writing her debut article for Lily Fields Challenge. Poppy has been working behind the scenes to get our Newsletter up and running, has an article forthcoming for the blog, willContinue reading “Darling Poppy: A Letter to My 20-Year-Old Self”

Miss Fields Writes Back

To: Mme L.F. Indulgent-ScalawagsAlsace, France From: Miss Lily FieldsWoods by the Lake, Northeastern Ohio Dear Mme Indulgent-Scalawags, I received your letter last week when I visited my mother in The Village. I just moved into my own apartment in the Woods by the Lake, a cute little place which is all mine to decorate howeverContinue reading “Miss Fields Writes Back”

Dear Miss Fields

A whispered note to my reader: If it seems at times that I am laying it on a bit thick with Lily Fields, age 20, this is because I know how she thinks and I know that she first needs to feel important and admired before she will ever listen to anyone. She is muchContinue reading “Dear Miss Fields”

How I Met Their Father

It’s probably time I tell you how I met my indulgent husband, because a conversation he and I had twenty-four years ago is the inspiration for the topic I want to tackle this week. As I headed towards the end of high school in 1996, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to doContinue reading “How I Met Their Father”